# Suggestions and Voting

Suggestions are short pieces of text that token holders can create, as well as vote on. All data on suggestions are stored on the blockchain in a transparent manner.

A suggestion can be a communication or some action you’d like to bring attention to, and have users vote on which ones the community cares the most about.

This page will tell you how to view suggestions and cast votes. To find more about the technical details behind them, read more here.

# Proposals

Proposals are a special upgrade to a suggestion. Proposals can have different meanings for different tokens, but they typically represent suggestions that the community has approved of, and will receive added attention.

Proposals cannot be created directly. Instead, once a suggestion reaches a certain number of votes, it will be promoted into a Proposal automatically. Proposals have a second round of voting that works differently from voting on suggestions.

Voting on a Proposal can only be done once per week by everyone, and you can never vote twice on the same Proposal. However, instead of your vote counting for a single vote, the Proposal will get votes equal to your total token balance. For example, if you have 200,000 tokens, when you vote for a Proposal, it will receive 200,000 votes.

# Creating Suggestions And Casting Votes

Both creating suggestions and voting on them is straight-forward, and can be done using either the web app or the Android app.

# Web App

Open the Wallet app in your browser:
https://app.blockwell.ai/app (opens new window)

After logging in, the top of the page will show a Voting box that tells you how many votes you still have left currently, and when your vote allocation will be refreshed.


If you don't see a Voting box on the page, then your account isn't set up for it. You can still view suggestions for a contract using the Web Suggestions Viewer (opens new window).

Clicking the “View Suggestions and Vote” button will take you to the Suggestions Viewer page that lets you view all current suggestions and proposals, as well as vote for them and share them.

The “vote” link opens a form to cast a vote on that suggestion or proposal.

The “share” link opens a page with a QR Code you can share for others to scan using their mobile devices, and a web link you can send that opens the form to cast votes.

There is also a button at the top to “+ Create Suggestion”, which allows you to create a new suggestion.

# Android

After installing the Android app and logging in with your account, you can open the Suggestions Viewer using the top-right menu and pressing “Suggestions Viewer”.

This screen lists all the suggestions and proposals users have created, as well as the amount of votes they have received. Pressing on a suggestion or proposal will let you vote for each one if you still have votes left. You can see how many votes you have left at the top of the screen, as well as how soon your votes will be refreshed.

The floating action button lets you create a new suggestion that can then be voted on.

# Notifications

You will automatically receive an email notification when a suggestion you created or voted on is promoted into a proposal. You will also receive an email when someone leaves a comment on a suggestion or proposal you created or voted on.

If you want to stop receiving the notifications, each notification email has a link at the bottom to stop further notifications.