# Freelance Core

https://app.blockwell.ai/freelance (opens new window)

# Introduction

Freelance Core is an extension to Core that's geared more towards freelance work with one-off payments. In most aspects it's much like standard Core, but with some key differences.

# Payments With Other Tokens

When a Task is posted, the reward is set in any ERC-20 compatible payment token. Whoever completes the Task successfully will receive that as payment in addition to a small amount of Core for governance.

For example, a Task could be posted with a 400 USDT payment to be received on successful completion.

When a payment token is used, a protocol fee is assessed in addition to the reward payment. This fee is currently 10% of the reward. That reward is distributed among Core token holders.

# Governance Tokens

The Core token in the contract itself used for governance is gained and lost more slowly. The managers of a given Freelance board can also freely give and take away the Core tokens for that board.

For example, when Acme creates their own Freelance Core, a governance Core token is minted at the same time, called Acme Core. Freelancers who are given Acme Core gain access to Acme's Freelance board. Acme's managers can thus control access rights for users of their board.

# Aggregated Board

Freelancers who have access to multiple Freelance Cores from different groups and companies can see all the potential work they have access to in a single board:

https://app.blockwell.ai/freelance (opens new window)