# Conventions And Formats

# JSON response format

JSON responses always have either data or error as a top-level property. Any actual response data will be accessible under the data property to ensure there are no naming conflicts with top-level errors.

# Error details

Error details are only displayed on testing environments. When present, the error response contains a details property with more information, for example:

    "error": {
        "error": "bad_query",
        "message": "Invalid query format",
        "details": {
            "validation": ["'limit' must be a positive integer"]

# Datetime

Dates and times are always displayed according to RFC 3339 5.6 (opens new window), in UTC.

For example:


# Ether and Token amounts

All amounts are specified in the smallest unit available. For example, Ether uses wei.

The amounts are expected as strings, because number formats usually don't have enough precision.