# Common Flags

These are the flags that are common to many different chain-tool commands.

# abi

Path to an ABI file for the contract. In most cases this shouldn't be necessary, as the ABI is loaded automatically.

# address

Contract address to use.

# apiminer-url

Base URL for API Miner. This should not be needed in most cases, it's only if you want to use a custom API Miner.

# debug

Print debug messages.

# dump

Use a custom data dump directory to cache API results instead of the default based on the current date.

# etherscan-key

Etherscan API key.

# ethplorer-key

Ethplorer API Key.

# file

Shortcut -f

File to read an Ethereum account from for sending transactions.

# force-gasprice

Force the transaction to be sent with a gas price even if the chain uses EIP-1559.

# gas-priority

Shortcut -p

Use a specific gas priority, in gwei, for EIP-1559 chains.

# gaslimit

Use a custom gas limit instead of an automatic one.

# gasprice

Shortcut -g

Override automatic gas price, specified in gwei.

# infura-key

Infura API key.

# json

Output in JSON format.

# key

Shortcut -k

GCP authentication key file path. See the GCP docs for more info (opens new window)

# network

Shortcut -n

Ethereum network to use, or chain ID.

# no-prices

Skip pricing data.

# node

URL for the Ethereum node to use. Generally this is only needed if you want to use a specific node, in most cases --network (-n) will automatically connect to the node.

# output

Shortcut -o

File to write output to, or - for stdout.

# private-key

Shortcut -k

Private key for an Ethereum account.

# quiet

Shortcut -q

Suppress log messages.

# since

Date since in YYYY-MM-DD format to limit search to.

# until

Date until in YYYY-MM-DD format to limit search to.