# Using Blockwell Wallet

The Blockwell Wallet system is built on top of API Miner, and each user has their own wallet managed by Blockwell and the API Miner system. We call this your Blockwell Wallet.

When you first register an account, a new wallet will be created for you that you can use through the Blockwell Wallet apps. You will receive an email with your wallet address and some tips for using it.

You can use your wallet on any Ethereum chain that's connected to our system, and you can use it for anything you want. The wallet is primarily used through QR Codes, but we are also planning on adding more tools into the app directly for basic token actions.

# Gas

To make transactions on Ethereum, you have to pay for gas using Ether. You can learn more about gas on EthHub.

When we create your Blockwell Wallet, we already send it some Ether on the Rinkeby Test Network, so you can start trying it out right away.

Once you want to use it on the Main Ethereum Network, you'll need to send a small amount of Ether to it to pay for gas.

# Sending assets to your Blockwell Wallet

You can send ETH and tokens to your Blockwell Wallet the same way you send to any wallet.

How you send ETH and tokens depends on what wallet you're using currently. Here are some guides provided by the wallet creators.

Send crypto assets

How To Send a Transaction

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How to Send ETH
How to Send Tokens

# Withdrawing from exchanges

You can also withdraw assets to your Blockwell Wallet directly from an exchange. Simply put in your Blockwell Wallet address as the withdrawal address.