# Ethereum Chains

API Miner can interact with any arbitrary Ethereum network as long as a connection to it has been made. This means that sometimes a request needs to specify which network it's operating on.

When a network needs to be specified, it's typically specified using the system name for that network, although chain ID is also accepted. For example, to use the main Ethereum network, you'd specify either "main" or 1 - the two are equivalent.

# Current networks

The following networks are currently known to API Miner.

# main

The Main Ethereum network.

# rinkeby

The Rinkeby Ethereum testnet.

# leprichain

Lepricon's (opens new window) Leprichain sidechain.

# firechain

A gas-free sidechain managed by Blockwell.

# ropsten

The Ropsten test network.

# kovan

The Kovan test network.

# goerli

The Görli test network.