# Creating QR Codes

# Introduction

The main feature of the Blockwell Wallet system is the ability to create QR Codes to perform any transaction on the Ethereum blockchain. Anyone can then use them on any device with a web browser to interact with the blockchain.

Creating QR Codes is currently free and unrestricted, you can simply go to the QR Creator on the Blockwell Wallet website and make one.

# Regarding contracts

Blockwell Wallet needs some information on the contract itself before QR Codes can be created. At this time we don't have an automatic process in place for you to provide that information.

A contract will work in the QR Creator automatically if:

  1. The contract is created by a Blockwell Deployer
  2. OR; the contract is verified on Etherscan.

In other cases, you can contact us at blockwell@blockwell.ai and we can get your contract added to the system. We are working on adding more automated methods for adding contracts.