# About bApps

# Introduction

bApps are the primary way for Blockwell users to interact with the blockchain. They make it easy to use the blockchain, both for end-users and app creators.

Their use is not limited to Blockwell Wallet, bApps are a general purpose framework to enable blockchain interactions on any device, both on the web and in native apps. bApps can even be embedded on your website with a simple code snippet.

bApps work with any smart contract on any Ethereum-compatible chain. Here are a few examples:

# Technical Description

The core of what bApps are is fairly simple: a specification for how to present and perform a set of transactions on the blockchain. This includes the user interface elements needed, and the instructions for how to convert that user interface data into a blockchain transaction.

bApps are independent of the method in which the transaction is submitted, and so it can be utilized with both centralized and decentralized systems.

bApps make it simple and fast for developers to add blockchain transactions to any application. You paste in the address of the smart contract to use, select its function, and the bApp is automatically generated. You can then tweak the user interface with a visual editor. It typically only takes a few minutes to create a bApp.

The bApp can then be added to any website as a form, a button, as a custom integration, or even a printed out QR Code people can scan.