# Blockwell Contracts

# Contracts

Blockwell has written many different types of contracts with novel features. Here's a quick overview of some of them.

# ERC-20 Tokens

Multi-functional ERC-20 token with support for voting, locking, cross-chain swaps, freezing, Blockwell Quill and more.

An ERC-20 token with advanced voting functionality.

# ERC-721 Tokens

A Non-Fungible Token with Community Token's advanced voting.

# Governance

Core manages projects and tasks on-chain with decentralized governance.

The Daico contract lets you govern funds and their use.

Community Token's advanced Suggestions and Proposals allow for group governance.

# Others

Store and manage content or data on-chain with access control and encryption.

Games of chance on the blockchain.

# What are Deployers?

Most Blockwell contracts have a corresponding special Deployer contract that allows anyone to get their own copy of the contract without having to learn about all the complexities of building and deploying smart contracts.

A Deployer is just another smart contract, but all it does is create other smart contracts on the blockchain. It has all the same guarantees as a regular smart contract, so you can be sure the same contract is created every time.

You use a Deployer by calling its deploy function and provide the configuration for the contract you want to deploy. After deployment, you will be made the owner and admin of the new contract.

These Docs include Blockwell Wallet QR Codes to make using Deployers easy.