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Official Documentation For Blockwell Systems

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# Blockwell Palette

Blockwell Palette

# Drag-and-drop builder for dapps

  • Style Style Full control over styling
  • Blocks Create Create your UI by dragging and dropping configurable blocks
  • bApps bApps Integrates with Blockwell bApps

# Blockwell Wallet

Blockwell Wallet

# Blockwell Wallet is a system for making any kind of blockchain interaction

  • Wallet Wallet Flexible Wallet for the blockchain
  • QR bApps Use bApps with links or QR Codes to make transactions
  • Hybrid Apps Happs Happs (hybrid apps) combine the power of dapps with the ease of use of centralized apps

# bApps

# bApps make it easy to use the blockchain

  • Create bApps Create Create bApps for your own smart contracts
  • Deployers Any Contract Works with any smart contract
  • Governance Portable Use links or embeds as needed

# Smart Contracts

# Blockwell has a large library of Smart Contracts for various use cases

  • Tokens Tokens ERC-20 and ERC-721 compatible tokens
  • Deployers Deployers Deploy your own contracts in seconds
  • Governance Governance Contracts for governing organizations and funds